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Who we are

Radiation Aid is a Health and Safety NGO registered in Ghana with the aim of building a healthy society .

Cancer Screening.

We provide free Cancer Screening for the young adults and the aged women



Radiation detection screening.

Radiation detection screening.

The babysafe project

The Baby Safe project we will be Educating maternity homes and clinic's

Know About Us

We help you to grow business with More than 25 years experience with these services.

Our Mission

To be sound and strong Organisation educating and and addressing issues on the hazards associated with our technological devices in all communities and providing means to eradicate such hazards. . To also provide assistance to brain cancer patients. To organise cancer screening for the needy.

Our Vission

To have all communities freed from the health hazards associated with our technological devices.

Our Acchivement

Explain what is an often confused issue in an understandable way and make the past and current evidence available to the public and the media Lobby the government and Radiation safety organizations to fund and prioritise the research effort Campaign for law and policy change based on scientific evidence For more independent research into health aspects of mast emissions including a study of a cancer cluster adjacent to a mast site To collaborate with advisory board on Electromagnetic Radiation emission levels and direction of beams of greatest intensity and potential sensitive sites such as schools, hospitals, and residential places etc.

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We help you to grow business with More than 25 years experience with these services.